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 Dragon Blood

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PostSubject: Dragon Blood   Dragon Blood Icon_minitimeSat Nov 02, 2013 8:40 pm

Just in case there are still people here wanting to RP here's something to join.

First my rules

1. No one liners. I need something to work with, your surroundings, your attitude, etc. Interact with ALL the characters where applicable or at least notice their behavior.
2. Keep it PG-13. I don't need some innocent little kid coming across this and being scarred for life.
3. Keep conflict to in character. Your CHARACTER can insult another CHARACTER, but do NOT insult a fellow RPER!
4. No metagaming/godmodding. Your character is not all powerful. Yon cannot dodge every attack, auto-hit, or one hit kill.
5. All OOC should be in double parentheses ((like this))
6. If you don't post for 48 hours, I will take your character on as an NPC. Your character, however will be yours again upon your return.
7. No Character Sheets or first person. I want your character slowly revealed as if reading a book.
8. Thought should be italic and speech in quotes. If you don't know how to italicize you put [i ]This[/i ] but without the spaces.
9. No using pictures to describe a character/place/object. Describe it.

Dragons were once one of the thriving and powerful species. However, the other races turned against them, calling them evil. They were forced to flee, leaving behind in every race those of dragon blood. Those born with the gift had natural ability with magic. Using their natural powers, they soon made their way to the top, becoming kings and queens, lords and ladies. However, like everything that too came to an end. The Dragonbloods were overthrown by rebels and almost wiped out.

Now these once powerful beings have sunk to the bottom, owned by relentless slave owners. The slave trade is on. Prized for their power and exotic beauty, the market is thriving. However, rumor of rebellion and a savior are spreading...

A man stood on a stage, his black hair was slicked back and his eyes were a dull grey. On the stage with him were many different men and women tied at the feet and wrists, their beauty much exceeding the black-haired man. As the man began to speak, another man came up and pulled one of the women forward. She had silver hair with purple at the tips. Her skin was a pure white and her ears came to a majestic point. Hate shone in her electric blue eyes. She was as tall as the man that held her.

The black haired man announced the girl. "Now this one is fresh to the market. She was just picked up from the desert and brought here just for you guys. Now, shall we start the bidding at 500 shillings? Do I hear 500?"

A man raised his hand in the crowd.

"Do I hear 1000?"

Another man raised his hand.


Another hand.

"4000 shillings!?"
Hand after hand flew up then a man from the crowd yelled out, "10,000 SHILLINGs!"

The auctioneers mouth dropped as he said. "Do I hear 10,500? Going once, twice, sold for 10,000 shillings!"

The girl was escorted away as the bidder came up to the side of the stage.

"Now my little pretty. You'll love it with me. You'll be of much help and pleasure to me and my boys." He laughed, his breath smelling of three day old onion. The girl turned away. The bidder went up to her and grabbed her chin. "Now, don't be that way." She stared him dead in the eyes. "Now I don't like that look on your face sweetheart." He got his head closer to hers. Then he was on her. His lips touched hers. She swore she could taste his entire diet. Then he groped her chest and the men in the crowd whooped and hollered. The girl's eyes were set ablaze as the man's arm began to freeze. The buyer stepped back. "Looks like this one still has some fire in her. Don't worry, we'll fix that." And with that, he left the auction with his prize.
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Dragon Blood
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