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 Lost Love Poem

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PostSubject: Lost Love Poem   Lost Love Poem Icon_minitimeSat Dec 01, 2012 7:53 am

Always my heart becomes torn in two
All I ever wanted was to be with you.
You took my heart and ripped it out
Now I will die without a doubt.
Please someone save me from this hell
That is my wish, but no one will come, I can tell.
So now I shall go far away
So far that no one can reach me until the end of the day.
I cry tears of blood
To create an endless flood.
No one loves me,
Not even insanity.
Why then do I exist
When no one even tries to persist
That I am here for a reason?
Maybe I'll die just this season.

I am Kurai~
Lost Love Poem BDuD4DZQ1FRX6DZOcFJ
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Lost Love Poem
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